KPS Comfort

Enriched System

The KPS Comfort enriched system has your laying hens’ comfort in mind. The spacing allows poultry to perform more natural behaviours, such as perching, dustbathing, and nesting. The Comfort uses our Canadian manufactured feeding chain system as in our other systems. The chain feeder is ideal for consistent feed distribution while being gentle on corners.

Our KPS Comfort offers quality and simplicity; this colony system has an innovative design modular design that makes it easy to add production capacity to your operation in the future. Combined with the KPs gentle egg de-escalator, the KPS Comfort promises to deliver the ultimate enriched system for your poultry farm. 

  • Maximizes hen comfort
  • Conforms to all Canadian standards
  • Fully modular
  • 0 egg obstructions in housing area
  • Includes egg saver system
  • Designed for a capacity of 34 birds as per the 2017 Canadian Poultry Code of Practice
  • Optional plastic covered floors
  • Increased belt life due to large diameter manure belt rollers
  • Round perches
  • Heavy-duty plastic breast shields
  • Optional LED system lighting

KPS Comfort Dimensions