KPS Vitanest

Free Run Nesting System

The KPS Vitanest is our versatile and stand-alone expelling floor nest system. This free-run nesting system is built on the same nest design as the KPS Avicana. The patent-pending nest tilt design provides comfortable and adjustable nesting space. Integrating the Vitanest into your broiler-breeder or commercial layer farm will help encourage natural behaviours and meet free-run standards. 

The unique nesting system design allows your team to operate your farm smoothly. This system is also designed and built to last. 

  • Can be used with the KPS egg de-escalator
  • Suitable for breeder, layer and broiler breeder barns
  • Optional manure belting
  • Patent-pending nest tilt design*
  • Simple nest and egg belt viewing system, available in semi-automatic operation
  • Available with a range of slat options: wood, wire mesh, coated wire mesh and plastic
  • Optional automatic manure belt system for optimal barn climate and conditions

*different nest tilt options available