Egg Handling

Commercial Equipment 

As a commercial egg producer, you want to ensure that your operation is efficient and has an optimal output. Having equipment that reduces the time to weigh, grade and pack eggs can help you reach your goals. Kaiser Ag offers a wide range of egg handling equipment to make your poultry farm more efficient. Explore our equipment options.

Völker Egg Handling Equipment

Kaiser Ag is the exclusive Canadian distributor of the German manufactured Völker equipment. We are happy to offer Northern American poultry farms the egg handling machinery to fit their needs.

The Völker line of equipment is designed and manufactured to last. The design also makes necessary maintenance easy.

This line includes all of your egg sorting and packaging equipment, from egg graders to egg printers.


The Farmpackers range from 15,000 eggs per hour to 25,000 eggs per hour. The twinned systems that KPS offers can go up to 50,000 eggs per hour.

Made with quality stainless steel components and robust electronic sensors, the Farmpacker is a proven workhorse. 


The Völker Novum series electronically weighs and grades your eggs. With the Novum, we can meet the needs of different egg producers with this egg grading and packing machine; this is due to the fact that the Novum provides quick and efficient processing of egg batches. 

The Volker Novum machines have a capacity of 20,000 eggs/hour (Novum 55) up to a maximum of 28,500 eggs/hour (Novum 80) using the carousel system with individual egg handling. And thanks to their modular and compact design, they can be adjusted to suit virtually all packing rooms.

Ovoconcept Egg Handling Equipment

Ovoconcept can help fully automate your egg packing area. Using the most advanced robotic technology and engineering, the line of Ovoconcept egg handling equipment is second to none.

Kaiser Ag is delighted to announce we are the exclusive dealers of Ovoconcept products in Canada.

You can integrate the Junior Robot into your egg handling process after an egg packer or egg grader. The machinery offers three functions: stacking, palletizing and depalletizing. It can also work with all plastic packaging, cartons, or both.

As well, the Junior can organize up to 25,000 eggs/hour after a farm packer without a stacker and up to 40,000 eggs/hour after a farm packer with a stacker.