KPS Avicana


The KPS Avicana aviary was designed with input from Canadian farmers. This aviary is one of the best examples of combining hen comfort and production efficiencies for your poultry farm.   

The Avicana also features automatic tilting nests, automated rear nest access and incorporates a walkway suitable for your team to safely use. In addition, its unique and patent-pending nest design is suitable for free-run, free-range and organic production.

All our poultry equipment, including our aviary, provide the highest quality designs and construction.  

  • Designed for ease of access to nests
  • Incorporates a walkway for farm managers to walk on comfortably
  • Uses the KPS gentle and innovative egg de-escalator design
  • Patent-pending nest tilt design*
  • Automatically lifts barriers
  • Conforms to all organic standards
  • LED lighting option inside/under system
  • Adjustable perch locations and quantity
  • Rounded supports
  • Moveable ladder system

*Different nest tilt options available

KPS Avicana Dimensions