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Poultry Manure Handling Equipment

Ensuring that your poultry housing is clean for your animals and your staff is important for their health and safety. Proper manure handling also plays a part in the environment. It is not always the smoothest task on a farm to clear manure, but Kaiser Ag wants to make it easier.

Graetz Barn Cleaners offered by Kaiser Ag are long-lasting, heavy-duty manure handling systems. Due to its flexible chain design, it can be configured into different shapes and patterns to suit your barn. As well, the heavy-duty chain flights are available in left and right-hand configurations to allow for further design flexibility. 

The manure ramps can be configured and specially ordered to accommodate any size of manure room or manure trailer height.

The Graetz company's roots go back over 80 years in North America. As a result, you can depend on Graetz’s quality. And as an added benefit, Graetz chain systems come with a 20-year warranty.