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KPS (Kaiser Poultry Systems) is Kaiser Ag's line of state-of-the-art poultry housing equipment.

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Who We Are

Proudly Canadian

Where your product is manufactured matters as much as the product itself.

Through our years of experience, we have continued to help poultry farmers find the most suitable systems to help them succeed. Kaiser Ag has strived to create the best poultry equipment for Canadian and international farmers. The KPS line of equipment was developed through this initiative.

Kaiser Ag is here to help you navigate changing regulations within the commercial poultry industry and make your project successful.

  • Our aim is to supply our customers with innovative and high-quality equipment.
  • Our desire is to create relationships to mutually benefit all those involved.
  • Our heartbeat is to honor God, serve our customers and help them do the same.

More About KPS

Find the right system for your farm

KPS Avicana

This 100% Canadian aviary offers a world-class design that combines the latest research in poultry behaviour with ease of use features for farm managers.

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KPS Liberty

This budget aviary system was designed specifically for the North American market to fit the growing needs of poultry farmers and meet basic industry standards.

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KPS Comfort

The Comfort enriched system is a high-end colony housing solution that meets all Canadian animal care regulations while ensuring the maximum amount of saleable farm eggs.

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KPS Flex-Start

The KPS Flex-Start rearing system allows laying hens raised in this system to be certified organic and be put into free-run, free-range, conventional or enriched systems.

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KPS Pullet Pro

The KPS Pullet Pro brings simplicity and precision together. This Pullet rearing system is designed and manufactured in Canada for birds destined for either classic systems or enriched systems.

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KPS Vitanest

The KPS Vitanest is a versatile floor nest system that allows multiple configurations and options. So whether you have a broiler breeder, commercial layer or other egg production farm, the KPS Vitanest can be tailored specifically to your needs.

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Climate Equipment

Our team has experienced and ticketed professional tradespeople that can help design the heating, cooling and ventilation system you need.

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Farm Control

Kaiser Ag, together with Stienen BE, offers a range of farm control systems to help automate your farm with the latest technologies. We can help you find the right system for your farm. While Kaiser Ag focuses on commercial egg production, broiler and broiler breeder barns, our team can also provide solutions for dairy, hog and equine farms, as well as commercial greenhouse operations.

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Egg Handling

Kaiser Ag works with Völker GMBH of Germany to offer a wide range of egg packing and grading equipment designs for both on-farm and off-farm egg handling. Explore our equipment options.

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Manure Handling

Kaiser Ag can help keep your barn clean and your animals and team healthy with our heavy duty manure handling equipment manufactured by Graetz Mfg in the United States. Find out more here.

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Custom Design

Kaiser Ag designs custom barn layouts to meet every project's unique needs and every farm manager's desires for housing, ventilation, and equipment.

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