Climate Equipment

Farm Equipment

A caged bird laying at 80% will put out 180 kilocalories of heat per day. (Source: OMAFRA) This can create a hot and humid space for your poultry, affecting their overall health. 

Now, today’s birds are bred for maximum productivity. However, if they do not have properly ventilated housing, this can impact what they can produce. We want to help ensure your poultry farm is running at its full potential, which is why we offer farm climate equipment. 

Whether you use roof ventilation, cross ventilation, length ventilation, or tunnel ventilation, Kaiser Ag can help find a solution catered to your needs. Your investment is worth protecting, and a proper ventilation system keeps your animals healthy.

Our goal is to create the ideal atmosphere for your livestock. Using fans, inlets and other ventilation products, we can help create optimal barn environments no matter where you live in North America. 

Our team has experienced and ticketed professional tradespeople that can help design the heating, cooling and ventilation system you need.


Modern chimneys fans are currently some of the highest quality farm climate equipment. Kaiser Ag works with companies like Dacs, HSI and Stienen BE to get you the exact chimney solution you require.

Exhaust chimneys and air intake chimneys are both available through KPS. Our different designs allow for use in broiler barns, enriched barns, hog barns, dairy barns, and organic poultry barns.


Ventilation Inlets

Our lineup of ventilation equipment includes sidewall, ceiling and tunnel inlets. The inlets are constructed with high-quality plastic, suited for the Canadian climate. They also take up much less room compared to competitors’ models. 

The tunnel inlet systems are constructed with insulated material and work very well when used in tandem with cooling pad systems.

DACS Magfan One

MagFan is a world leader in energy efficiency; it is approximately three times more efficient than conventional wall fans. The direct drive and loss-free speed control features bring you the exact air exchange required for gentle air exchange at phenomenal savings.

Created in Denmark, the high quality MagFan ONE, when combined with the MagDoor system, cannot be beat.

Stienen AeroRange

Ventilation ceiling inlets, sidewall inlets, tunnel inlets and free-range pop-hole door openings are all taken care of with the Stienen BE AeroRange line of equipment. Kaiser Ag is excited to be the exclusive Stienen product retailer in the Canadian poultry industry. Stienen’s family-run business emphasizes innovation and product development to create ventilation products that rival any other available.

Stienen BE Inlets