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Kaiser Ag, together with Stienen BE, offers a range of farm control systems to make operating your poultry farm easier. We can help you find the right system for your farm.

Stienen BE PL9530 Touchscreen Farm Controller

Kaiser Ag is excited to work together with Stienen BE. Stienen’s worldwide expertise in barn ventilation and controls is seen in the quality of their designs. When combined with a custom-built control panel, the new PL9530 Touchscreen Farm Controller simplifies your poultry farm’s operation. 


  • Complete automation of any poultry barn
  • User-friendly interactive layout
  • Simple display for management information
  • 3D house overview with measurement values can be configured
  • Skylight / daylight control 
  • Can be programmed in various languages
  • Secured communication with FarmConnect
  • Comes in "Lite" version*
  • Complete wiring diagram and layout
  • Customized panel with integrated switches and connection points

*Contact Kaiser Ag for details