Our History

Martin Kaiser has been involved in the Canadian poultry industry for over 30 years. He has sold, installed and serviced systems throughout most of Canada.

As his clientele grew, Martin was joined by a certified journeyman mechanic named Arnie Stoik. Our customers soon came to recognized Arnie and his team as the best installers in the country.

2016 became a milestone year as Martin’s oldest son Ben joined the Kaiser Ag team. Ben owned a commercial plumbing/heating/refrigeration service company in the Calgary area. His team-building skills and technical know-how are proving to be assets to Kaiser Ag.

This was the same year in which Kaiser Ag set out to create the best poultry equipment for Canadian and international farmers. Through this initiative, Kaiser Poultry Systems (KPS) was developed. 

Combining experience and passion, Kaiser Ag's KPS line is here to help you navigate through the complexities of changing regulations and make your project successful. We have helped customers switch and adapt to various systems designed for their specific applications. Our expertise is helping farmers to invest in the most suitable, cost-effective systems designed for their success – including conventional, enriched, aviary and organic systems.

Canadian Poultry Industry Support

Kaiser Ag is a Canadian farm family company, and we use Canadian manufacturing in our KPS brand of equipment to provide you with the best outcomes. Your investment in your poultry business is reinvested back here at home into our communities.

When we invest in each other, we are creating an integrated Canadian farmer-based value circle that helps each other succeed for a sustainable and healthy Canadian poultry industry.