KPS Liberty


We understand that your commercial poultry operation is continually evolving, and its needs are changing. Kaiser Ag offers the KPS Liberty for those farms that require a flexible aviary system.  

The multi-level nest design contributes to this system’s flexibility. You can hold more animals per square foot with multi-level aviaries. As a benefit to your animals, the multi-tier poultry housing system encourages birds’ natural behaviour, including distributing themselves throughout the housing. 

This poultry farm equipment was designed specifically for the North American market to fit the growing needs of poultry farmers and meet industry standards.

The KPS Liberty aviary is available along with its closed version, the KPS Secured.

  • Fully modular
  • Conforms to organic standards
  • Minimizes system, floor and cracked eggs
  • Uses the KPS innovative gentle egg de-escalator design
  • Nests on every level allow for complete and easy access
  • Revolutionary feeding system allows for easy feed and water access
  • Closed version available - KPS Secured
  • LED lighting options under & in system

Modular System